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The magician: look gorgeous finals! Heat vs spurs close to black and white hegemony NetEase sports reported in Jun Dr Dre Beats Uk e 3rd: the heat with the Spurs in the finals of the "Round 2" is about to begin, the last two NBA team for two consecutive years in the finals was in 1997 and 1998 bulls and jazz. The magician tweeted that the heat vs spurs close to black and white for the Lakers legend Magic Johnson tweeted the final look, he praised the heat and the Spurs are "the best team in the NBA, also has the" NBA "management of the best". He wrote: "Mickey - Allison and Peter - Beats Bye Dre Holt is absolutely the best boss! Pat Riley and RC /64 | share NetEase micro-blog 0 Sina micro-blog Tencent space Renren a cloud notes sports image center | view Atlas | atlas has finished browsing to browse Yue figure recomme Dr Dre Beats Audio Headphones nd the season is the best defensive team! Nuo A George led a heat careful! Chong 3 consecutive enchanted the Spurs or third FMVP upwind downwind of God ghost Adu to one should learn James Huang leave? [recommended reading - heat careful! Chong 3 consecutive enchanted the Spurs or third bit FMVP] both heat and the Spurs who wins the championship this year, no doubt they will create new history, if the heat win, they will refresh the ultimate winning three championships, b Justin Bieber Dr Dre Beats ut history shows their chances sweep is bigger, and the the Spurs win, is likely to see third FMVP player in the team, as the second NBA teams do this on the team. Japanese trainer help the Spurs played the old myth? Inventory NBA Asian mouth Quan Comics: spurs version of Mario's the " ": Yao Ming; India; basketball immigrant brothers together 4 meter 5

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